$BFR token 0x1A5B0aaF478bf1FDA7b934c76E7692D722982a6D has been listed on Uniswap V3 Arbitrum don't trade $iBFR token on PancakeSwap or Apeswap on BNB chain.
Buffer has moved to Arbitrum you can exchange your $iBFR tokens for $BFR tokens.Click here/[;.

Options trading simplified.

Buffer Finance is a decentralized non-custodial options trading platform built to trade short-term (<24 hrs) price movement in both crypto and non-crypto markets.
24x7 Trading
Trade Forex
Trade Crypto
Trade Commodities
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Key Features

Trade Defined Outcomes
Trade with a defined risk-reward ratio without the risk of liquidation
Simple and gamified
Trade short-term price volatility of any market simply by selecting up/down
Access diverse markets
Trade market volatility of crypto, forex, stock completely on-chain
Non-custodial & Trustless
Trade directly from your wallet against a decentralized price feed without the risk of any scamwicks.

Our Two Token Ecosystem

BFR is the utility and governance token that accrues up to 30% of the fees generated by the platform.Read MoreĀ /[;.
BLP is the token issued to liquidity providers and accrues up to 70% of the fess generated by the platform.Read MoreĀ /[;.

Buffer Prime Club

A collection of 9,999 NFTs, mint to become a member of buffer prime club
and get exclusive benefits depending on the rarity of your NFT.